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All about Tri-ply Cookware

Tri-ply is an abbreviation of Three Ply. Cookwares with 3 different layers of metal is termed as Tri-ply. Usually the metals are Stainless and aluminium or copper. Aluminium or copper are high conductors of heat. So they are usually sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of stainless steel to make tri-ply.

Benefits of Tri-ply :

Stainless steel surface is ideal for cooking, and also non-reactive and durable. Aluminium guarantees quick heating, and even heat distribution. Same is the case with cooling as well. A quick test for triply is to get ice water, in a triply and then check the water vapour condensed outside the vessel. The water or cold milk should be just half of the vessel. It will be evenly distributed across the breadth and height of the vessel. This is very different to sandwich bottom steel, where the vapour outside remains until the level of the content. The rest of the vessel will not have any vapour.

Our Tripy products

- Ideal for all cooking surfaces including Induction.
- The handles are stainless steel and welded, making it easier to clean and durable. They are also designed in such a way that heat doesnt get transferred from the vessel to the handle. So no matter how hot your vessel is, the handle will not get heated.
- All our tri-ply products have easy-pouring rims and they are dishwasher safe.

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